All visions have a significance of one kind or another. This power of vision is very important for the yoga and shouldnot be rejected although it is not the most important thing, for the most important thing is the change of consciousness. All other powers like this of vision should be developed without attachment as parts and aids of the yoga.

When one tries to meditate, the first obstacle in the beginning is sleep. When you get over the obstacle, there comes a condition in which, with the eyes closed, you begin to see things, people, scenes of all kinds. This is not a bad thing, it is a good sign and means that you are making progress in the yoga. There is, besides the outer physical sight which sees external objects, an inner sight in us which can see things yet unseen and unknown, things at a distance, things belonging to another place or time or to other worlds; it is the inner sight which is opening in you. It is the working of the Mother's force which is opening it in you, and you should not try to stop it.

Images in a supernal consciousness
Embodying the Unborn who never dies,
The structured visions of the cosmic Self
Alive with the touch of being's eternity
Looked at him like form-bound spiritual thoughts
Figuring the movements of the Ineffable.