Symbolic of small but destructive forces in the lower vital or physical.

Each part of the nature wants to go on with its old movements and refuses, so far as it can, to admit a radical change and progress, because that would subject it to something higher than itself and deprive it of its sovereignty in its own field, its separate empire. It is this that makes transformation so long and difficult a process.

Evil forces can always attack in moments of unconsciousness or half-consciousness or through the subconscient or external physical, so long as all is not supramentally transformed. Only if force is there, they can at once be pushed back.

The hostile forces do not need a cause for attacking, they attack whenever and whoever they can. What one has to see is that nothing responds or admits them.

The hostile forces come because they were freely permitted in the past, so the want to renew and continue their action. An entire rejection and a complete turning to the Divine are the way to meet them.

It is quite true that falsehood reigns in this world, that is the reason why these difficulties manifest. But you have not to allow yourself to be shaken. You must remain calm and strong and go straight, using the power of Truth and the Divine Force supporting you to overcome the difficulties and set straight what has been made crooked by the falsehood.

As from a womb obscure he saw emerge
The body and visage of a dark Unseen
Hidden behind the fair outside of life.
Its dangerous commerce is our suffering's cause.