Bats would mean forces of the night i.e. ignorant movements finding a lodging in the obscurity of the unenlightened nature.

It is quite natural that the unsteadiness of the physical mind should interfere with the settling of full and constant quietude and faith -- it always does with everybody, but that does not mean that this quietude and faith will not or cannot settle in the nature. All that I meant was that you should try to get a constant will for that quietude, so that when the restlessness or unsteadiness come across, your will to quiet might meet it or soon reappear and dispel the disturbance. That would make the elimination of the restlessness or impatience easier; but in any case the Mother's force is there working behind the variations of the surface consciousness and it will bring you through them.

You should not allow yourself to be discouraged by any persistence of the movements of the lower vital nature. There are some that tend always to persist and return until the whole physical nature is changed by the transformation of the most material consciousness; till then their pressure recurs, sometimes with a revival of their force, sometimes more dully as a mechanical habit. Take from them all life-force by refusing any mental or vital ascent; then the mechanical habit will become powerless to influence the thoughts and acts and will finally cease.

Azealot fervour pushed their ruthless cults,
All faith not theirs bled scourged as heresy;
They questioned, captived, tortured, burned or smote
And forced the soul to to abondon right or die.
Amid her clashing creeds and warring sects
Religion sat upon a blood-stained throne