The colours are symbols of forces.

Colour and light are always close to each other colour being more indicative, light more dynamic. Colour incandescent becomes light.

There are no separate colours of the beings. There is a characteristic colour of mind, yellow; of the psychic, pink or pale rose; of the vital, purple; but these are colours corresponding to the main forces of the mind, psychic, vital they are not the colours of the beings. Also other colours can play, e.g. in the vital, green and deep red as well as purple and there are other colours for the hostile vital forces.

As for the exact symbolism of colours, it is not always easy to define exactly, because it is not rigid and precise, but complex, the meaning varying with the field, the combinations, the character and shades of colour, the play of forces. The seeing of colours is the beginning of inner vision, what is called suksmadristi. Afterwards the vision opens and one begins to see figures scenes and people. When the colours begin to take definite shapes in the visions, it is a sign of some dynamic work of formation in the consciousness. The waves of colour means a dynamic rush of forces.

The life of the enchanted globe became
A storm of sweetness and of light and song,
A revel of colour and of ecstasy,
A hymn of rays, a litany of cries:
A strain of choral priestly music sang
And, swung on the swaying censer of the trees,
A sacrifice of perfume filled the hours.