The crane is the messenger of happiness.

Let the sweetness and the happy feeling increase, for they are strongest sign of the soul, the psychic being awake and in touch with us. Let not mistakes of thought or speech or action disturb you, put them away from you as something superficial which the Power and Light will deal with and remove. Keep to one central thing your soul and these higher realities it brings with it.

What you have felt is there in you all the time, but you did not feel it because you were living on the surface altogether and the surfaces is all crowd and clamour. But in all men there is the silent Purusha, base of the true mental being, the true vital being, the true physical being. It was by your prayer and aspiration that the thing came, to show you in what direction you must travel in order to have the true rasa of things, for it is only when one is liberated that one can get the real rasa. For after this liberation come others and among them the liberation and Ananda in action as well as in the static silence.

Freedom from cares, lightness of mind and body are very good results. They do not usually become permanent at once, it is sufficient if they are frequently or ordinarily there.

A chant hymeneal to the unseen Divine,
A flaming rhapsody of white desire
Lured an immortal music into the heart
And woke the slumbering ear to ecstasy.
A purer, fierier sense had there its home,
A burning urge no earthly limbs can hold.
One drew a large unburdened spacious breath
And the heart sped from beat to rapturous beat.