The diamonds may indicate the Mother's Light at its intensest, for that is the diamond white light. The diamond in your heart was a formation of the light of Mother's consciousness there, for the Mother's light is of a white and at its most intense of a diamond radiance. The light is a sign of the Mother's presence in your heart.
The diamond is the symbol of the Mother's light and energy the diamond light is that of her consciousness at its most intense.


(a) It means the essential Force of the Mother.
(b) The diamond light proceeds from the heart of the Divine Consciousness and it brings the opening of the Divine Consciousness wherever it goes.
(c) The Mother's descent with the diamond light is the sanction of the Supreme Power to the movement in you.
(d) The Mother's diamond light is a light of absolute purity and power.
(e) The diamond light is the central consciousness and force of the Divine.

Then from a timeless plane that watches Time,
A Spirit gazed out upon destiny,
In its endless moment saw the ages pass.
All still was in a silence of the gods.
The prophet moment covered limitless Space
And cast into the heart of hurrying Time
A diamond light of the Eternal's peace,
A crimson seed of God's felicity;
A glance from the gaze fell of undying Love.