Flowers indicate a blossoming in the consciousness, sometimes with special reference to the psychic or the psychicised vital, mental and physical consciousness. It is usually when the psychic is active that this seeing of flowers becomes abundant. The light, colours, flowers are always seen when there is a working of the forces within at a certain stage of the sadhana. Red flowers would ordinarily indicate an opening of the consciousness either in the physical or some part of the vital according to the shade.

The rain of flowers means a plenty of the psychic qualities and movements and the white flower of mental victory indicates the step towards it which is now being led up to the victory of the mind of the inner light over the outer ignorance.

Keep the quietude and do not mind if it is for a time an empty quietude; the consciousness is often like a vessel which has to be emptied of its mixed or undesireable contents; it has to be kept vacant for a while till it can be filled with things new and true, right and pure. The one thing to be avoided is the refilling of the cup with the old turbid contents. Meanwhile wait, open yourself upwards, call very quietly and steadily, not with a too restless eagerness, for the peace to come into the silence and, once the peace is there, for the joy and the presence.