The flute is the call of the Divine.

The flute is the symbol of a call, usually the spiritual call.

The flute is the call of the Divine Love.

It is a lesson in life that always in this world everything fails a man -- only the Divine does not fail him, if he turns entirely to the Divine. To turn to the Divine is the only truth in life.

It is true that through whatever is strongest in him a sadhak can most easily open to the Divine. But...peace is necessary for all; without peace and an increasing purity, even if one opens, one cannot receive perectly all that comes down through the opening. Light too is necessary for all without light one cannot take full advantage of all that comes down.

When the light and peace are full in the vital and physical consciousness, it is this that remain always as a basis for the right movement of the whole nature.

To remain within, above and untouched, full of the inner consciousness and the inner experience, listening when need be to one or another with the surface consciousness, but with even that undisturbed, not either pulled outwards or invaded that is the perfect condition of the sadhana.