The frog is modest usefulness.

Each person has his own freedom of choice up to a certain point unless he makes the full surrender and as he uses the freedom, has to take the spiritual or other consequences. The help can only be offered, not imposed. Silence, absence of frank confession, means a desire in the vital to go its own way. When there is no longer concealment, when there is the physical self-opening to the Divine, then the Divine can intervene.

You must learn to act always from within from your inner being which is in contact with the Divine. The outer should be a mere instrument and should not be allowed at all to compel or dictate your speech, thought or action.

The power to say "No" is indispensable in life and still more so in sadhana. It is the power of rejection put into speech.

The fact that you feel weak when talking with people shows that the origin of the whole trouble is a weakened nervous force. It is this that you have to get strong. You should avoid much talking with others, you can also take rest when you feel the symptoms very strong. But faith, quietude and openness to the higher force are the fundamental cure.