Both the goose and the swan are symbols of the beings in man, but the goose or ordinary Hansa usually refers to the manomaya purusha (mental self or soul in mind). The Hansa is the symbol of the being, it regains its original purity as it rises until it becomes luminous in the Higher Truth.

The psychic is represented in man by the Prime Minister, manomaya, itself being a mild constitutional king; it is the manomaya to whom Prakriti refers for assent to her actions.

When the psychic being comes in front, there is an automatic perception of the true and untrue, the divine and the undivine, the spiritual right and wrong of things, and the false vital and mental movements and attacks are immediately exposed and fall away and can do nothing; gradually the vital and physical as well as the mind get full of this psychic light and truth and sound feeling and purity, and such violent attacks as you have are impossible. When the true vital being comes forward, it is something wide and strong and calm, an unmoved and powerful warrior for the Divine and the Truth, repelling all enemies, bringing in a true strength and force, and opening the vital to the greater consciousness above. It has to be seen which of the two it is you feel within.