Green is the colour of the emotional vital. Green is vital energy of work and action. The green light is a vital force, a dynamic force of the emotional vital which has the power to purify, harmonise or cure. Green light can signify various things according to the context, in the emotional vital it is the colour of a certain form of emotional generosity, in the vital proper an activity with vital abundance or vital generosity behind it, in the vital physical it signifies a force of health.

The green is active energy of the divine Truth for work. It is very usually associated with Life and a generous emanation or action of forces, often of emotional life-force.

Most things happen in the vital before they happen in the physical, but all that happens in the vital does not realise itself in the physical, or not in the same way. There is always or at least usually a change in the form, time, circumstances due to the different conditions of the physical plane.

Each plane is true in itself but only in partial truth to the supermind. When these higher truths come into the physical they try to realise themselves there, but can do so only in part and under the conditions of the material plane. It is only the supermind that can overcome this difficulty.