Light is the symbol of Truth and Knowledge.

The light is a manifestation of Force, the nature of the force being indicated by the colour of the Light. The light outside means a touch or influence of the force indicated by the light (golden is Truth-light, Blue some spiritual force from the upper plane) while the light within means that it has penetrated or is established or frequently active in the nature itself. Light above means a force descending upon the mind, light around a general enveloping influence.

Lights are of all kinds, supramental, mental, vital, physical, divine or Asuric one has to watch, grow in experience and learn to know one from another. The true lights however are by their clarity and beauty not difficult to recognise.

Light or rays of light are always light of the higher consciousness working in the being to illimine or to purify or to awaken the consciousness or attune it to the Truth.

As Peace and Ananda can pour through the whole system and finally stabilise themselves so that they are in the body, and the body and the whole being are in them one might almost say, are that, are the Peace and Ananda so it can be with Light. It can pour into the body, make every cell luminous, fix itself and surround on all sides in one luminous mass of Light.