The lion means vital force, strength, courage.

The lion indicates force and courage, and strength and power. The lower vital is not lion-like.

All difficulties should be faced in a more quiet and less egoistic spirit. Egoless strength is strength which does not act for selfish motives or for the desires of the vital or carry out the ideas of one's own mind, but exists only for the service of the Divine and as an instrument of the Divine.

This yoga is a spiritual battle; its very attempt raises all sorts of adverse forces and one must be ready to face difficulties, sufferings, reverses of all sorts in a calm unflinching spirit.

The difficulties that come are ordeals and tests and if one meets them in the right spirit, one comes out stronger and spiritually purer and greater.

No misfortune can come, the adverse forces cannot touch or be victorious unless there is some defect in oneself, some impurity, weakness or, at the very least, ignorance. One should then seek out this weakness in oneself and correct it.

When there is an attack from the human instruments of adverse forces, one should try to overcome it not in a spirit of personal hatred or anger or wounded egoism, but with a calm spirit of strength and equanimity and a call to the Divine Force to act. Success or failure lies with the Divine.