The moon is the symbol of spirituality. The moon as a symbol in vision signifies usually spirituality in the mind or, simply, the spiritual consciousness. It can also indicate the flow of spiritual Ananda (nectar is in the moon according to the old tradition). The spiritual mind symbolised by the moon is Mind in contact with truths of the spirit and reflecting them. The Sun is the light of the Truth, the Moon only reflects the light of the Truth. A golden moon means a power of spirituality full of the light of higher Truth.

The moon is the symbol of spiritual light, one in its origin, multiple in its manifestation. There is one moon and each reflection of the moon is different.

The moonlight in the forehead was this working on the centre there between the eyebrows, the centre of the inner mind, will and vision. The moonlight you saw is the light of spirituality and it was this that was entering into your mind through the centre, with the effect of the widening in the heart like a sky filled with moonlight.