1. The One

2. Decision for Creation

3. Beginning of Creation

4. Manifestation

5. Power

6. Creation

7. Realisation

8. Occult Formation

9. Power of Static Fulfillment

10. Power of Expression

11. Progress

12. Perfect Manifestation Stabilised

What the Mother wants to bring about in the material world, upon the earth.

1. Perfect Consciousness

2. Integral Knowledge, omniscience.

3. Power invincible, irresistible, ineluctable; omnipotence.

4. Health, perfect, constant, unshakable: perpetually renewed energy.

5. Eternal youth, constant growth, uninterrupted progress.

6. Perfect beauty, complex and total harmony.

7. Inexhaustible unparalleled riches, control over all the wealth of this world.

8. The gift of healing and giving happiness.

9. Immunity from all accidents, invulnerability against all adverse attacks.

10. Perfect power of expression in all fields and all activities.

11. The gift of tongues, the power of making oneself understood perfectly by all.

12. And all else necessary for the accomplishment of Thy work.