The ostrich may mean rapidity of movement.

The experienced described is a glimpse of the realisation of the true Self which is independent of the body. When this settles itself there is the liberation (mukti). Not only the body, but the vital and mind are felt to be only instruments and one's self is felt to be calm, self-existent and free and wide or infinite. It is then possible for the psychic being to effect in that freedom the full transformation of the nature. All your former experiences were preparing for this, but the physical consciousness came across. Now that you have had the glimpse of the self separate from the body, this physical difficulty may soon be overcome.

There are two different things. One is the consciousness actually going out of the body but that brings a deep sleep or trance. The other is the consciousness lifting itself out of the body and taking its stand outside it -- above and spread round in wideness. That can be a condition of the yogin in the waking state, he does not feel himself to be in the body but he feels the body to be in his wide free self, he is delivered from limitation in the body-consciousness.