Pale blue is the colour of the higher ranges of mind up to the intuition. Above it, it begins to become golden with the supramental Light.

To have the true intuition one must get rid of the mind's self-will, and the vital's also, their preferences, fancies, fantasies, strong insistences and eliminate the mental and vital ego's pressure which sets the consciousness to work in the service of its own claims and desires. Otherwise these things will come in with force and claim to be intuitions, inspirations and the rest of it. Or if any intuitions come, they can be twisted and spoiled by the mixture of these forces of the Ignorance.

The substance of knowledge is same on all the overhead planes, but the higher mind gives only the substance and form of knowledge in thought and word, in the illumined mind there begins to be a peculiar light and energy and Ananda of knowledge which grows as one rises in the scale or else as the knowledge comes from a higher and higher source.

Above the head are seen all the planes from the overmind down to the higher mind, but this is only a correlation in the consciousness
not an actual location in space.

Always a signless vague Immensity
Brooded, without approach, beyond response,
Condemning finite things to nothingness,
Fronting him with the incommensurable.
Then to the ascent there came a mighty term:
A height was reached where nothing made could live,
A line where every hope and search must cease
Neared some intolerant bare Reality,
A zero formed pregnant with boundless change.