The inner vision is an open door to higher planes of consciousness beyond the physical mind which gives room for a wider truth and experience to enter and act upon the mind. It is neither optical illusion nor hallucination nor coincidence nor auto-suggestion nor any of the other ponderous and vacant polysyllables by which physical science tries to explain away or rather avoid explaining the scientifically inexplicable. In these matters the scientist is always doing what he is always blaming the layman for doing when the latter lays down the law on things about which he is profoundly ignorant without investigation or experiment, without ascertained knowledge simply by evolving a theory or a priori idea out of his own mind and plastering it as a label on the unexplained phenomena.

The faith in spiritual things that is asked of the sadhak is not an ignorant but a luminous faith, a faith in light and not in darkness. It is called blind by the sceptical intellect because it refuses to be guided by outer appearances or seeming facts, for it looks for the truth behind, and because it does not walk on the cruthes of proof and evidence. It is an intuition, an intuition not only waiting for experience to justify it, but leading towards experience.