Pink is a psychic colour. Pink or pale rose correspond to the main forces of psychic. Rosy is the psychic Love.

The rosy light is that of love so probably you entered the psychic worlds or at least one of them. The colour of the psychic light is according to what it manifests, e.g. psychic love is pink or rose, the psychic purity is white, etc. A reddish pink rose is psychic love or surrender; a white rose is pure spiritual surrender.

Man usually lives in his vital and the body is its instrument and the mind its counsellor and minister (except for the few mental men who live mostly for the things of the mind, but even they are in subjection to the vital in their ordinary movements). The spiritual conversion begins when the soul begins to insist on a deeper life and is complete when the psychic being becomes the basis or the leader of the consciousness and mind and vital and body are led by it and obey it. The signs of the psychic's coming forward are a central love, bhakti, surrender, giving everything, a sight within that sees always clearly what is spiritually right or wrong and automatically rejects the latter a movement of entire consecration and dedication of all in one to the Mother.