There are premonitory dreams that are fulfilled immediately, that is to say, you dream in the night what will happen on the next day, and there are premonitory dreams that are fulfilled over varying lengths of time. And according to their position in time, these dreams are seen on various planes.

The higher we rise towards absolute certainty, the greater the distance is and the length of time between the revelation of what is going to be and its realisation may be very great. But the revelation is certain, because it is very close to the Origin (Sachchidananda). There is a place, when one is identified with the Supreme, where one knows everything absolutely, the past, the present, the future and all. But usually people who go there forget what they have seen when they return. An extremely strict discipline is needed to remember.

The action of the higher consciousness does not usually begin by changing the outer nature
it works on the inner being, prepares that and then goes outward. Before that, whatever change is done in the outer nature has to be done by the psychic.