Red is the colour of the physical.

There is a consciousness in each physical thing with which one can communicate. Everything has an individuality of a certain kind, houses, cars, furniture etc. The ancient peoples knew that and so they saw a spirit or "genius" in every physical thing.

What you feel about physical things is true, there is a consciousness in them, a life which is not the life and consciousness of man and animal which we know, but still secret and real. That is why we must have a respect for physical things and use them rightly, not misuse and waste, ill treat or handle with a careless roughness. This feeling of all being consciousness or alive comes when our own physical consciousness and not the mind only awakes out of its obscurity and becomes aware of the One in all things, the Divine everywhere.

It is very true that physical things have a consciousness within them which feels and responds to care and is sensitive to careless touch and rough handling. To know or feel that and learn to be careful of them is a great progress of consciousness.