The rocks represent the material nature, hard and inflexible yet concealing in itself the stream of life. Because of the resistance of matter, this stream of life is freed only with difficulty and can hardly emerge into the light. But with a little concentration and insistence, the resistance of matter lessens and the life-forces are freed. This image applies to almost everyone, but in this case it concerns you and I took it as a promise that your difficulties would give way and that you would soon be able to emerge into a luminous, free and happy consciousness.

First effects of the light penetrating and changing the subconscient:

1, The subconscient begins to show more easily what is in it.

2, Things rising from there come to the awareness of the mind before they can touch or effect the consciousness.

3, The subconscient becomes less the refuge of the ignorant and obscure movements and more an automatic response of the material to the higher consciousness.

4, It gives less covert and less passage to the suggestions of the hostile forces.

5, It is more easy to be conscious in sleep and to have higher forms of dream experience. Hostile dreams e.g. sex-suggestions can be met and stopped in the dream itself and any result like emission prevented.

6, A waking will put on the dream state before sleeping becomes more and more effective.