Visions do not come from the spiritual plane they come from the subtle physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic or from the planes above the Mind. What comes from the spiritual plane are experiences of the Divine, e.g. the experience of self everywhere, of the Divine in all, etc. The inner vision can see objects, but it can see instead the vibration of the forces which act through the object.

There are in the cosmic consciousness two sides one the contact with and perception of the ordinary cosmic forces and the beings behind these forces, that is what I call the cosmic Ignorance the other is the perception of the cosmic Truths, the realisation of the one universal, the one universal Force, all the Vedantic truths of the One in all and all in one, all the various aspects of the Divine in the cosmic and a host of other things can come which do help to realisation and knowledge -- provided they are taken in the right way. However all that can be best dealt with when it actually comes. It does not always come as soon as there is the widening -- many pass through the widening of the consciousness to what is beyond the cosmic and take the cosmic in detail afterwards and it is perhaps the safest order.