A star means creation. The star signifies a creation or formation or the promise or power of a creation or formation. The star is always a promise of the Light to come; the star changes into a sun when there is the descent of the Light. Stars (in your vision) indicate points of light in the ignorant mental consciousness.

Each being in a new birth prepares a new mind, life and body -- otherwise John Smith would always be John Smith and would have no chance of being Piyusha Kanti Ghose. Of course inside there are old personalities contributing to the new life -- but I am speaking of the new visible personality, the outer man, mental, vital, physical. It is the psychic being that keeps the link from birth to birth and makes all the manifestations of the same person. It is therefore to be expected that the Avatar should take on a new personality each time, a personality suited for the new times, work, surroundings. In my own view of things, however the new personality has a series of Avatar births behind him, births in which the intermediate evolution has been followed and assisted from age to age.

Destruction in itself is neither good nor evil. It is a fact of Nature, a necessity in the play of forces, as things are in this world. The Light destroys the Darkness and the Powers of darkness, and that is not a movement of Ignorance!