There is a physical aspect of things and there is an occult supraphysical aspect, one need not get in the way of the other. All physical things are the expression of the supraphysical. The existence of a body with physical instruments and processes does not, as the 19th century wrongly imagined, disprove the existence of a soul which uses the body even if it is also conditioned by it. Laws of Nature do not disprove the existence of God. The fact of a material world to which our instruments are accorded does not disprove the existence of less material worlds which certain subtler instruments can show to us. Subjective visions can be as real as objective sight, the only difference is that one is of real things in material space, while the others are of real things belonging to other planes down to the subtle physical; even symbolic visions are real in so far as they are symbol of realities. Even dreams can have a reality in the subtle domain. Visions are unreal only when these are merely imaginative formations, not representing anything that is true or was true or is going to be true.

Love, joy and happiness come from the psychic. The Self gives peace or a universal Ananda.