A symbol, as I understand it, is the form on one plane that represents a truth of another. For instance, a flag is a symbol of a nation. . . But generally all forms are symbols. This body of ours is a symbol of our real being and everything is a symbol of some higher reality.

In the sphere of the Spirit are only the eternal truths, all is eternally itself there, there is no development, nothing unrealised or striving to be fulfilled. There are no such things as possibilities therefore. In life, on the other hand, all is a play of possibilities
nothing is realised, all is seeking to be realised or if not yet seeking, then waiting behind the veil for that. Nothing is realised in its highest form, in its truth or completeness, but all is possible. All these possibilities are derived from the truths above, e.g., the possibility of knowledge, the possibility of love, the possibility of joy etc.

Intellect, will, etc. are intermediates which try to catch something of the hidden higher truths and bring them into life or else raise life to them so that the possibilities of life here may become the complete realities that are already there above.