Symbolically, the falling of teeth means the disappearance of old or fixed mental habits belonging to the physical mind.

Difficulties and perplexities can never be got rid of by the mind brooding on them and trying in that way to get out of them; this habit of the mind only makes them recur without a solution and keeps up by brooding the persistent tangle. It is from something above and outside the perplexities that the solution must come. The difficulty of the physical mind not the thinking intelligence is that it does not want to believe in this larger consciousness outside itself because it is not aware of it; and it remains shut like a box in itself, not admitting the light that is all around it and pressing to get in. It is a subtle law of the action of consciousness that if you stress difficulties you have to observe them, of course, but not stress them, they will quite sufficiently do that for themselves -- the difficulties tend to stick or even increase; on the contrary, if you put your whole stress on faith and aspiration and concentrate steadily on what you aspire to, that will sooner or later tend towards realisation. It is this change of stress, a change in the poise and attitude of the mind, that will be the more helpful process.