The precise, accurate vision may come from several sources. It may be a vision by identity with circumstances and things, when you are used to extending your consciousness all around you or it may be an indication given by a talkative being from the invisible world, who amuses himself by informing you of what is going to happen this happens very often. To lure people on, they may very often tell them things as they really will be, since they have a universal vision in some domain of the vital or of the mind; and then when they are quite sure that you will trust them, they may start telling you tales and make a fool of yourself. You yourself should be in a higher state of consciousness than these individuals or entities or these little gods, as some people call them, and be able to verify from above what their statements are worth.

The psychic being has to be surrendered consciously and with more and more knowledge. The psychic aspires to the Divine or answers to things divine, it is surrendered in principle, but it has to develop its surrender in detail carrying with it the surrender of all the being.