The vital dreams are not interpretable unless there is an evident clue.

In dreams on the vital plane there is always a deviation from the norm of the physical fact sometimes this is because of the free play in the vital, but at others it is only a fantasy of formation either in the vital itself or in the subconscient mind which transcribes the incidents of the dream and sometimes alters them by contributions of its own.

The people of dream are often different from the people of actuality. Sometimes it is the real man who comes on another plane sometimes it is a thought, force etc. that put on his appearance by some trick of association or other reason.

Hardly anyone is strong enough to overcome by his own unaided aspiration and will the forces of the lower nature; even those who do it get only a certain kind of control, but not a complete mastery. Will and aspiration are needed to bring down the aid of the Divine Force and to keep the being on its side in its dealings with the lower powers. The Divine Force fulfilling the spiritual will and the heart's psychic aspiration can alone bring about the conquest.