The forces and beings of the vital world have a great influence on human beings. The vital world is on one side a world of beauty, the poet, artist, musician are in close contact with it; it is also a world of powers and passions, lusts and desires; our own lusts and desires, and passions and ambitions can put us into connection with the vital worlds and their forces and beings. It is again a world of things dark, dangerous and horrible. Nightmare's like X's are contacts with this side of the vital plane. Its influences are also the source of much in men that is demoniac, dirty, cruel and base.

The vital world is a world of extremes. If for example, you eat a bunch of grapes in the vital world, you can go for thirty six hours without feeling hungry fully nourished. But you can meet with certain things, enter certain places that drain all your energy in a trice, and sometimes leave you with illnesses and after-effects that belong to the vital world. Those who can easily learn how to go out of their bodies ought to do so with great care. For it would be exposing yourself to experiences which can be extremely harmful.