As there is an inner sight other than the physical, so there is an inner hearing other than that of external ear, and it can listen to voices and sounds and words of other worlds, other times and places, or those which come from the supraphysical beings. But here you must be careful. If conflicting voices try to tell you what to do or not to do, you should not listen to them or reply. It is only myself and the Mother who can tell you what you should or should not do or guide or advise you.

One rarely hears the sound of the words, but rather the message is expressed as words in the mind or sometimes merely as a feeling in the heart.

I discourage some from having any dealing with visions and voices because I see that they are being misled by false visions and false voices. That does not mean that visions and voices have no value.

There are imitation higher experiences when the mind or vital catches hold of an idea or suggestion and turns it into a feeling, and while there is a rush of forces, a feeling of exultation and power etc. All sorts of "imperatives" come, visions, perhaps "voices". There is nothing more dangerous than these voices, when I hear from somebody that he has a "voice", I always feel uneasy, though there can be genuine and helpful voices, and feel inclined to say "No voices please, silence, silence and a clear discriminating brain". I have hinted about this region of intimation experiences, false inspirations, false voices into which hundreds of yogins enter and some never get out of it in my letter about the intermediate zone.