The wheel is the sign of an action of force (whatever force may be indicated by the nature of the symbol) and as it was surging upwards it must be the fire of aspiration rising from the vital to the Higher Consciousness above. The wheel is dynamic action.

Dynamism is everywhere, because the Force (Shakti) is everywhere. The perfect dynamism is there in the supermind; no other can be unfailing.

A dynamic descent brings tapas and sama. It is a greater and greater descent of peace that brings sama the dynamic descent helps it by dispersing the element of rajasic disturbance and changing rajas into tapas.

The supermind cannot be brought down to the mind and vital without being brought down into the physical also one can feel its influence or get something of it but bringing down means much more than that.

The supermind is a luminous whole it is not a mixture of light and ignorance. If the physical mind is not supermentalised, then there will be in mind a mixture of ignorance, but then it will not be supermind there, but something else so also with the vital. All that can manifest in the mind separately in a partly supramentalised overmind.

If the supramental can stand in the mind and vital, then it must stand in the physical also. If it does not stand in the physical, it cannot stand in the mind and vital also; it will be something else, not the supramental.