The first process of the yoga is to make the determination of self-consecration. Put yourself with all your heart and all your strength into Godís hands. Make no conditions ask for nothing, not even a spiritual realisation in the yoga, for nothing at all except that in you and through you his will may be directly performed.

To those who demand from him, God gives what they demand, but to those who give themselves and demand nothing, he gives everything that they might otherwise have asked or needed and in addition he gives himself and the spontaneous boons of his love.

All ambition, pride and vanity must disappear from the thoughts and the feelings... All falsehood must be rejected from the speech, thought and action and all ostentation, arrogance and insolence. A simple, quiet and unpretending aspiration to the Truth and reception of it for its own sake and not for any profit it may bring you, a straightforward acceptance of the Motherís will whatever it may be, a complete casting away of all pretensions and pretences, a readiness to obey completely and without reserve and to accept any position and any discipline given are the only conditions on which a divine change can be effected in you.

By heavy toil and slow aeonic steps
Reaching the bright miraculous fringe of God,
Into the glory of the Oversoul.
My will, my call is there in men and things.