Desire is an additional lure to which Nature has given a great part in the life of animated beings in order to produce a certain kind of rajasic action necessary for her intermediate ends; but it is not her sole or even her chief engine. It has its great use while it endures: it helps us to rise out of inertia, it contradicts many tamasic forces which would otherwise inhabit action. But the seeker who has advanced far on the way of works has passed beyond this intermediate stage in which desire is a helpful engine. Its push is no longer indispensable for his action, but is rather a terrible hindrance and source of stumbling, inefficiency and failure.

Wherever desire and ego harbour, passion and disturbance harbour with them and share their life.

This constant change spells progress to her eyes;
Her thought is an endless march without a goal.
There is no summit on which she can stand
And see in a single glance the Infinite's whole.