Gives expression not only by speech, but by any form it can give.

The throat is the centre of the externalising mind, that which deals with outer and physical things and responds to them.

Even those who have a strong inner life, take a long time before they can connect it with the outer speech and action. Outer speech belongs to the externalising mind that is why it is so difficult to connect it with the inner life.

There are different orders of reality; the objective and physical is only one order.

An integral knowledge demands an exploration, an unveiling of all the possible domains of consciousness and experience... An inner range of spiritual experience is one very great domain of human consciousness; it has to be entered into up to its deepest depths and its vastest reaches... there is possible not only the discovery of the self and spirit, but the discovery of the uplifting, informing and guiding light of spiritual consciousness and the power of the spirit, the spiritual way of knowledge, the spiritual way of action. To know these things and to bring their truths and forces into the life of humanity is a necessary part of its evolution.

The little Mind is tied to little things:
Its sense is but the spirit's outward touch
Half-waked in a world of dark Inconscience;
It feels out for its beings and its forms
Like one left fumbling in the ignorant Night.