The play of forces is very complex and one has to be conscious of them, and as it were, see and watch how they work before one can really understand why things happen as they do. All action is surrounded by a complexity of forces. Each man is himself a field of many forces - some are working for his sadhana, some are working for his ego and desire. There are besides powers which seek to make a man an instrument for purposes not his own without his knowing it. All of these may combine to bring about a particular result. The forces work each for the fulfilment of its own drive - they need not be at all what we call hostile forces, they are simply forces of Nature.

The Divine is there, but He does not ignore the conditions, the laws, the circumstances of Nature; it is under these conditions that He does all His work, His work in the world and in man and consequently also in the sadhak, the aspirant, even in the God-knower and God-lover. The miracle can and does happen but only when there is the full call and complete self-giving of the soul and the entire widest opening of the nature.

For Nature walks upon her mighty way
Unheeding when she breaks a soul, a life;
Leaving her slain behind she travels on:
Man only marks and God's all-seeing eyes.