Man too has in himself, subliminal, unknown and unseen, concealed behind his waking consciousness and visible organism, this mental soul, mental nature, mental body and a mental plane, not materialised, in which the principle of Mind is at home and not as here at strife with a world which is alien to it, obstructive to its freedom and corruptive of its purity and clearness. All the higher faculties of man, his intellectual and psycho-mental being and powers, his higher emotional life awaken and increase in proportion as this mental plane in him presses upon him.

(I include here in mind, not only the highest range of mind ordinarily known to man, but yet higher ranges to which he has either no current faculty of admission or else only a partial and mixed reception of some faint portion of their powers, ó the illumined mind, the intuition and finally the creative Overmind or Maya which stands far above and is the source of our present existence).

For he would enjoy powers and a vision and perceptions beyond the scope of this ordinary life and body; he would govern all by the clarities of pure knowledge; he would be united to other beings by a sympathy of love and happiness; his emotions would be lifted to the perfection of the psycho-mental plane, his sensations rescued from grossness, his intellect subtle, pure and flexible, delivered from the derivations of the impure pranic energy and the obstruction of matter. And he would develop too the reflection of a wisdom and bliss higher than any mental joy or knowledge; for he could receive more fully and without our incompetent mindís deforming and falsifying mixture the inspirations and intuitions that are the arrows of the supramental Light and from his perfected mental existence in the mould and power of that vaster splendour.

Then suddenly a luminous finger fell
On all things seen or touched or heard or felt
And showed his mind that nothing could be known;
That must be reached from which all knowledge comes.