There are worse dangers in this intermediate zone of experience. For the planes to which the sadhak has now opened his consciousness, not as before getting glimpses of them and some influences, but directly, receiving their full impact, send a host of ideas, impulses, suggestions, formations of all kinds, often the most opposite to each other, inconscient or incompatible, but presented in such a way as to slur over their insufficiencies and differences, with great force, plausibility and wealth of argument or a convincing sense of certitude. Overpowered by this sense of certitude, vividness, appearance of profusion which it takes for some larger organisation and order; or else it whirls about in incessant shiftings and changes which it takes for a rapid progress but which lead nowhere.

It is quite true that an inner purity and sincerity, in which one is motived only by the higher call, is one's best safeguard against the lures of the intermediate stage. It keeps one on the right track and guards from deviation, until the psychic being is fully awake and in front and, once that happens, there is no further danger.

A trenchant blade that shore the nets of doubt,
Its sword of discernment seemed almost divine.
Yet all that knowledge was a borrowed sun's;
The forms that came were not heaven's native births:
Its puissance dangerous and absolute
Could mingle poison with the wine of God.