The movement made in a spirit of excessive hurry and eagerness, of exaggerated self-esteem and self-confidence, is of a premature certitude, relying on no other guidance than that of one's own mind or of the "Divine" as conceived or experienced in a stage of very limited knowledge. The sadhak's conception and experience of the Divine, even if it is fundamentally genuine, is never in such a stage complete and pure; it is mixed with all sorts of mental and vital ascriptions and all sorts of things are associated with the Divine guidance and believed to be part of it which come from quite other sources. Even supposing there is any direct guidance, most often in these conditions the Divine acts mostly behind the veil, it is only occasional and the rest is done through a play of forces; error and stumbling and mixture of Ignorance take place freely and these things are allowed because the sadhak has to be tested by the world-forces, to learn by experience, to grow through imperfection towards perfection - if he is capable of it, if he is willing to learn, to open his eyes to his own mistakes and errors, to learn and profit by them so as to grow towards a purer Truth, Light and Knowledge.

In our body's cells there sits a hidden Power
That sees the unseen and plans eternity,
Our smallest parts have room for deeper needs;
There too the golden Messengers can come,
A door is cut in the mud wall of self.