What is thought-knowledge in the Higher Mind becomes illumination in the Illumined Mind and direct intimate vision in the Intuition. But the Intuition sees in flashes and combines through a constant play of light through revelations, inspirations, intuitions, swift discriminations.

The Intuition is the first plane in which there is a real opening to the full possibility of realisation it is through it that one goes farther first to overmind and then to supermind.

One can get intuitions communications from there (the Intuition plane) even while the ego exists but to live in the wideness of the Intuition is not possible with the limitation of the ego.

In order to live in the Intuition plane one has to live in the cosmic consciousness because there the cosmic and individual run into each other as it were, and the mental separation between them is already broken down, so nobody can reach there who is still in the separative ego.

Intuition sees the truth of things by a direct inner contact, not like the ordinary mental intelligence by seeking and reaching out for indirect contacts through the senses etc. But the limitation of the Intuition as compared with the supermind is that it sees things by flashes, point by point, not as a whole.

Thought there has revelation's sun-bright eyes;
The Word, a mighty and inspiring Voice,
Enters Truth's inmost cabin of privacy
And tears away the veil from God and life.