All that we internally are is not ego, but consciousness, soul or spirit. All that we externally and superficially are and do is not ego but Nature. An executive cosmic force shapes us and dictates through our temperament and environment and mentality so shaped, through our individualised formulation of the cosmic energies, our actions and their results. Truly, we do not think, will or act but thought occurs in us, will occurs in us, impulse and act occurs in us; our ego-sense gathers around itself, refers to itself all this flow of natural activities. It is a cosmic force, it is Nature that forms the thought, imposes the will, imparts the impulse. Our body, mind and the ego are a wave of that sea of force in action and do not govern it, but by it are governed and directed. The Sadhaka in his progress towards truth and self-knowledge must come to a point where the soul opens its eyes of vision and recognises this truth of ego and this truth of works. He gives up the idea of a mental, vital, physical "I" that acts or governs action; he recognises that Prakriti, Force of Cosmic nature following her fixed modes, is in him and in all things and creatures the one and only worker.

The master of existence lurks in us
And plays at hide and seek with his own Force;
In nature's instrument loiters secret God.