One must first acquire an inner Yogic consciousness and replace by it our ordinary view of things, natural movements, motives of life; one must revolutionise the whole present build up of our being. Next we have to go still deeper discover our veiled psychic entity and in its light and under its government psychise our inner and outer parts, turn mind-nature, life-nature, body-nature and all our mental, vital, physical action and states and movements into a conscious instrumentation of the soul. Afterwards or concurrently we have to spiritualise the being in its entirety by a descent of a Divine Light, Force, Purity, Knowledge, freedom and wideness. It is necessary to break down the limits of the personal mind, life and physicality, dissolve the ego, enter into the cosmic consciousness, realise the self, acquire a spiritualised and universalised mind and heart, life-force, physical consciousness. Then only the passage into supramental consciousness begins to become possible, and even then there is a difficult ascent to make each stage of which is a separate arduous achievement. Yoga is a rapid and concentrated conscious evolution of the being, but however rapid, even though it may effect in a single life what in an instrumental Nature might take centuries and millenniums or many hundreds of lives, still all evolution must move by stages; even the greatest rapidity and concentration of the movement cannot swallow up all the stages or reverse natural process and bring the end near to the beginning...

The supramental change is a thing decreed and inevitable in the evolution of the earth's consciousness; for its upward ascent is not ended and mind is not its last summit.

On the pale shores of conscious foaming straits
That flow beneath a grey tormented sky
Two powers from one ecstasy born
Pace near, but parted in the life of man:
One leans to earth, the other yearns to the sky:
Heaven in its rapture dreams of perfect earth,
Earth in its sorrow dreams of perfect heaven.