That this way is difficult is a strange misconception; for it is on the contrary, the easiest and simplest and most direct way and anyone can do it, if he makes his mind and vital quiet. As for the Mother and myself, we had to try all ways, follow all methods, to surmount mountains of difficulties, a far heavier burden to bear than you or anybody else in the Ashram or outside; far more difficult conditions, battles to fight, wounds to endure, ways to cleave through impenetrable morass and desert and forest, hostile masses to conquer a work such as I am certain none else had to do before us. It is because we have the complete experience that we can show a straighter and easier road to others if they will only consent to take it. It is because of our experience won at a tremendous price that we can urge upon you and others, "Take the psychic attitude, follow the straight sunlit path, with the Divine openly or secretly upbearing you if secretly, he will yet show himself in good time, do not insist on the hard, hampered, roundabout and difficult journey." When the psychic being comes out in its inherent power, its consecration, adoration, love of the Divine, self-giving, surrender and imposes these on the mind, vital and physical consciousness and compels them to turn all their movements Godward the way is sunlit and a great joy and sweetness are the note of the whole sadhana.

He found the occult cave, the mystic door
Near to the well of vision in the soul,
And entered where the Wings of Glory brood
In the sunlit space where all is for ever known.