The mind proper is divided into three parts (Thinking mind, dynamic mind, and externalising mind). The thinking mind is concerned with the ideas and knowledge in their own right. Its function is to reason from the perceptions of the mind and senses, to form conclusions and to put things in logical relation with each other.

A well-trained intellect is a good preparation of the mind for greater knowledge, but it cannot itself give the yogic knowledge or know the Divine it can only have ideas about the Divine, but having ideas is not knowledge. Intellectual activities are not part of the inner being it is the outer mind.

To see the Truth does not depend on a big intellect or small intelllect. It depends on being in contact with the Truth and the mind silent and quiet to receive it. The thinking mind with most men is, in matters of life, only an instrument of the vital.

An architect of knowledge, not its source.
This powerful bondslave of his instruments
Thinks his low station Nature's highest top.