The Transcendent, the Supracosmic is absolute and free in itselfbeyond Time and Space and beyond the conceptual opposites of finite and infinite. But in cosmos it uses its liberty of self-formulation, its Maya, to make a scheme of itself in the complementary terms of unity and multiplicity, and this multiple unity it establishes in the three conditions of the subconscient, the conscient and the superconscient.

The seat of the Transcendent Consciousness is above in an absoluteness of divine Existence - and there too is the absolute Power, Truth, Bliss of the Eternal - of which our mentality can form no conception and of which even our greatest spiritual experience is only a diminished reflection in the spiritualised mind and heart, a faint shadow, a thin derivate. Yet proceeding from it there is sort of golden corona of Light, Power, Bliss and Truth - a divine Truth-Consciousness as the ancient mystics called it, a Supermind, a Gnosis.

I am the Mystery beyond reach of mind
I am the goal of the travail of the suns;
My fire and sweetness are the cause of life.