A state which is full of knowledge, calm serenity, strength and wide consciousness - all questions automatically solved - a continuous stream of power passed into the body through the forehead centre - extremely powerful, having undisturbed samata, calm conviction, keen sight and knowledge." This is the consciousness of the true purusha in you aware of his own supramental being and it is this which must become your normal consciousness and the basis of the supramental development. In order that it may so become, the mind has to be made calm and strong, the emotional and vital being purified and the physical consciousness so opened that the body can hold and retain the consciousness and power.

The calm and strength will descend from above, what you have to do is to open yourself and receive it and at the same time reject all the movements of the lower nature which prevent it from remaining and which are ruled by desires and habits inconsistent with the true being, the true power and the true knowledge.

But vain are human power and human love
To break earth's seal of ignorance and death;
His nature's might seemed now an infant's grasp;
Heaven is too high for outstrethed hands to seize.
This Light comes not by struggle or by thought;
In the mind's silence the Transcendental acts
And the hushed heart hears the unuttered Word.