Sachidananda - Unmanifest, making possible every kind of manifestation.

Sachidananda in Manifestation

The Supreme Planes of Infinite Consciousness

1, Sat (implying Chit-Tapas and Ananda)

2,Chit (implying Sat and Ananda)

3, Ananda (implying Sat and Chit-Tapas)

The universe is dynamism, movement -- the essential experience of Sachchidananda apart from the dynamism and movement is static. The full dynamic truth of Sachchidananda and the universe and its consequence cannot be grasped by any other consciousness than the supermind, because the instrumentation in all other (lower) planes is inferior and there is therefore a disparity between the fullness of the static experience and the incompleteness of the dynamic power, knowledge, result of the inferior light and power of other planes. This is the reason why the consciousness of the other spiritual planes, even if it descends, can make no radical change in the earth-consciousness, it can only modify or enrich it. The radical transformation needs the descent of a supramental power and nature.