Inner vision is vivid like actual sight, always precise and contains a truth in it. Just as our physical eyes see things in the physical world, so the inner eyes sees things and images that belong to other worlds and subtle images of things of this physical world also.

Yoga-experience often begins with some opening of the third eye in the forehead.

The inner vision is an open door to higher planes of consciousness, it is often a first key to inner planes of one's own being and one's own consciosness as distinguished from worlds or planes of the cosmic consciousness to contact with the other worlds or with the inner worlds and all that is there and these are regions of immense riches which far surpass the physical plane as it is at present.

Visions do not come from the spiritual plane - they come from the subtle physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic or from the planes above the Mind. What comes from the spiritual plane are experiences of the Divine, e.g. the experience of self everywhere, of the Divine in all, etc. The inner vision can see objects, but it can see instead the vibration of the forces which act through the object. Visions do not come as easily to intellectuals as it does to men with a strong life-power or the emotional and the imaginative.

The Presence chambered in lotus secrecy,
Came down and held the centre in her brow
Where the mind's Lord in his control-room sits;
He opens that third mysterious eye in man,

The Unseen's eye that looks at the unseen.