Yoga means union with the Divine a union either transcendental(above the universe) or cosmic (universal) or individual or, as in our yoga, all three together. Or it means getting into a consciousness in which one is no longer limited by the small ego, personal mind, personal vital and body but is in union with the supreme Self or with the universal consciousness or with some deeper consciousness within in which one is aware of one's own soul, one's own inner being and of the real truth of existence.

All life is a Yoga of Nature seeking to manifest God within itself. Yoga marks the stage at which this effort becomes capable of self-awareness and therefore of right completion in the individual.

Our purpose in Yoga is to exile the limited outward-looking ego and to enthrone God in its place as the ruling Inhabitant of the nature.

Yoga has four powers and objects, purity, liberty, beatitude and perfection. Whosoever has consummated these four mightinesses in the being of the transcendental, universal, lilamãya and individual God is the complete and absolute Yogin.

In Yoga also it is the Divine who is the Sadhaka and the Sadhana; it is her Shakti with her light, power, knowledge, consciousness, Ananda, acting upon the Adhara, pouring into it these divine forces that make the Sadhana possible. But so long as the lower nature is active, the personal effort of the Sadhaka remains necessary.

A divine force shall flow through tissue and cell
And take the charge of breath and speech and act
And the thoughts shall be a glow of suns
And every feeling a celestial thrill.