In yoga the spiritual experiences take place either in sleep or in an indrawn meditation and not in the waking state. It is through the inner consciousness and primarily through the inner mind that these things come. If the waking mind is subject or surrendered to the inner consciousness and willing to become an instrument, then even from beginning these openings can come through the waking consciousness. These are experiences that help or lead towards the realisation of things spiritual or divine or bring openings or progressions in the sadhana or are supports on the way, - experiences of a symbolic character, visions, contacts of one kind or another with the Divine or with the workings of higher Truth, things like the waking of the Kundalini, the opening of the Chakras, messages, intuitions, opening of the inner powers, etc.

If one is not sincere, if one is more concerned with the ego of being a big yogi or becoming a superman than with meeting with the Divine, then a flood of pseudos or mixtures comes in, one is led into the mazes of the intermediate zone or spins in the grooves of one's own formations.

A dream disclosed to her the cosmic past,
The crupt-seed and the mystic origins,
The shadowy beginnings of world-fate:
A lamp of symbol lighting hidden truth

Imaged to her the world's significance.